The general public in America has always had a fascination with Cuba - from cigars, to Castro - and Gonzalo Fernández's new book, "Cuba's Primer - Castro's Earring Economy" provides an in depth knowledge of the country's historical background from independence to current conditions on the Island.


The book also serves to help fill the gap for the estimated more than 200,000 second and third generation Cuban Americans of the history and stories of their homeland.


"This group of Cuban Americans, many who speak English as their first language, would benefit from my book which provides a structured narrative and details historical events they have likely heard from their parents and grandparents."   Fernández.


Fernandez explains how Fidel Castro's current poor health helps continue to fuel interest in the country and its political future.


Praise for "Cuba's Primer - Castro's Earring Economy" -


"This should be mandatory reading for Cuban-Americans that don't have all the facts. Also, a must read for our kids. Fernandez writes in an easy to follow style, interspersing historical events with personal anecdotes. It is interesting to note how he has objectively placed himself within the various settings, while still understanding the "big picture" as Cuba was changing from a capitalist dictatorship to a socialist one. For those young, urban Cuban Americans, this book will fill in many gaps as to what their parents told them and what they fail to understand as to why the situation went so tragically wrong!"